Fibral as a conditioning agent for dewatering sludge.

Fibral is an effective agent added to increase the dewatering of various types of sludge which is difficult dewatered.
Fibral material is a bonding agent when it comes to raising TS on the outgoing sludge.

Most typical examples of adding Fibral are:

  • Humus waterworks sludge
  • Enterprise
  • Industrial sludge
  • Oil sludge
  • Grease sludge
  • Agricultural sludge

The most common consequences are:

  • Low dry matter content of the sludge
  • Bad & polluted reject water
  • high polymer consumption
  • low separation capacity

Fibral acts as a mechanical reinforcement allowing more cutting force and stronger gravitational or mechanical compression is sludge.

When Fibral is mixed into the sludge, fiberthreads are distributed evenly in the sludge.

Then, the polymer is added together with Fibral.

The filaments are encapsulated within the chemical bonds. This helps to increase the bonding a mechanical strength. The filaments absorb much water, typically speech is about 10-20 times its own weight. This makes slurry highly packable.

Name: Fibral® SFA
Contents: 96% Paper (12% moisture)
Packaging: Big bags or bulk