Octopus Liquid Polymer System LPS

Octopus Liquid Polymer System LPS

Octopus Liquid Polymer System mixes and stores liquid emulsion polymer solution. LPS works in batches through a simple effective double tank system. LPS combines the advantages of a compact economical system with the volume & activation time of a bigger system. LPS is delivered with or without control panel & dosing pumps.


  • Compact, Automatic, Hygienic, CE approved
  • Self emptying make up tank, Octagonal tank for optimum mixing
  • Big inspection lids for easy access
  • Entirely from thick stainless steel incl stainless full flow valves & pipes
  • New innovative design, Patented pvc wetter/eductor
  • Flexible company highly experienced in design engineering, sludge treatment


ModelLWHVolume lVolume l/hCapacity kg/h*
LPS 3800900181030017509
LPS 595010501810500275012
LPS 101290100017501000600025
*Approximate data at 1% concentration: measures in mm.
Scale drawing