KICABs uthyrningsservice

Idag erbjuder vi över 70 unika uthyrningsprodukter för slamhantering. Vi har ett brett uthyrningssortiment för slamhantering, slamavvattning och polymerberedning. Vi kan erbjuda kompletta uthyrningsapplikationer för slamavvattning med kapacitet upp till 120 m3/h. Inom segmentet polymerberedare har vi anläggningar med en kapacitet upp till 23 kg/timme.

Vi ser maskinuthyrning som ett viktigt, kompletterande inslag till försäljning av utrustning. Genom att erbjuda bra service och ett brett utbud av uthyrningsutrustning kan vi hjälpa våra kunder vid driftstopp eller vid testkörningar.

KICAB’s management and owners decided 25th February to withdraw all outstanding quotes and stop all purchase or deliver activities from or to Russia until further notice


Dear customers.

Russia’s actions by invading Ukraine are contrary to the ethical rules that our company stands for and we have therefore terminated all ongoing activities meant for the Russian market. This afternoon, we announced our position to our partners. We understand that our actions alone will not matter, but hope that more companies will follow.

Kicab took a stand this Friday to terminate all ongoing activities in the Russian market. Even though we are a very small company, You, our customers, are some of the biggest and finest companies and institutions in Europe. To be able to deal with you it is often required that we sign contracts covering that we commit to follow certain ethical rules. Amongst other, not dealing with companies, states involved in war. We have signed numerous of different company code of conducts. Dear customers don’t let your code of conducts and company principles be worthless and if you’re not willing to live up to your principles let us know.

KICABs actions alone will not make a difference but a united business world will.

KICAB will continue to make donations to disaster relief in support of the people of Ukraine.

KICAB inleder nytt samarbete med SFA– enviro.

Tack vare ett samarbetet med SFA-enviro kan nu KICAB erbjuda ett komplett sortiment av luftare och omrörare till sina kunder i Norden. Sortimentet består av bottenluftare, mekaniska och av membran typ, både finblåsiga såsom grovblåsiga. I sortimentet finns även...

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